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Bugs in Opera

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Bug reports

Reported bugs

This is a table of bugs that I have reported. The "Report" column contains an exact copy of the bug report, with some additional information. I have later found out that some bugs have been reported by others. (See the Note: header in the reports). The "Brief Summary" column usually contains the same text as the "Brief Summary" header in the reports. The "Links" column sometimes contain screen shots. Screen shots can be treacherous due to differences in monitor size and resolution. For this reason, I have provided a ruler to indicate what I see on my monitor.

Bugs I have reported
Ver. ReportLinksBrief Summary
7.51 146544 Test case When choosing an option in a <select> element, the menu 61b sometimes revert to the pre-selected option.
7.51 146545 Test case URLs longer than 1283 characters can become invisible in the adressfield.
7.52 147309 Test case
Screen shot
A floated <button> is rendered with only text and no button.
7.52 147310 Test case
Screen shot
A <button> with CSS-margins can result in the button-text being rendered outside the button.
7.52 147311 Test case
Screen shot 800 1000
Floated image and alt-text displayed simultaneously.
7.52 147511 Test case The initial value of the "value:" attribute of <option> is not set to the contents of the element.
7.52 147604 Test case
Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2
Screen shot 3
Screen shot 4
Screen shot 5
Screen shot 6
<tbody> that changes background colour on ':hover', when <table> has 'border-collapse: collapse', is incorrectly painted.
7.52 147605 Test case
Screen shot
<pre> with CSS 'word-spacing' is displayed incorrectly.
7.52 147608 490 Test case <input> and <textarea> with CSS ':after' and ':hover' badly broken.
7.54 149973 Opera’s 'User-Agent:' header violates RFC 2616.
7.54 149974 Test case Links panel strips fragment identifiers in URLs.
7.54 149975 Test case
Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2
Screen shot 3
An absolutely positioned element incorrectly affects the flow of a parent element.
7.54 149976 Test case
Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2
Screen shot 3
< 1000 td>Incorrect placement of absolutely positioned element.
7.54 150174 Test case
Screen shot
Incorrect vertical position of hyphens.
7.54 150175 Test case Incorrect placement of absolutely positioned element.
7.60p1 153231 Test case
Screen shot
Peculiar behaviour of CSS 'display: table-cell; text-align: justify'.
7.60p1 153854 Test case Double-clicking an named anchor doesn't select text. [Reported on behalf of Marek Mänd]
7.60p1 155097
Test case
Screen shot
Inconsistent handling of line breaks in <textarea>.
7.60p1 155098 Test case
Screen shot
<TD> incorrectly inherits 'text-decoration' from <TR>

Unreported bugs

This is a table of bugs that I have not reported, for various reasons. Those reasons include:

I should probably add a column stating the exact reason the bug has not been reported. I’ll mention it in the Note: section of the reports at any rate.

< 220 td>7.54
Bugs not yet reported
Ver. ReportLinksBrief Summary
Report Test case Double quotes in a 'mailto:'-link are not handled correctly when the mail-adress is sent to an external program.
7.54 Report Test case SGML Marked sections broken.
7.60p1 Report 800 Test case Wrong element returned from getElementById().


About this page

This page was created to collect the bug reports I have filed for the Opera web browser. I tend to use long and descriptive file names for my bug-reports, and the default interface for directory listings that my dial-up ISP provides, simply truncates file names that are too long. So, this page was badly needed.

The page is written in HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1, and contain no scripts or other nonsense. However, IE 5.5 made such a mess of the page, that I found it necessary to use a CSS trick to save it from itself. Also, I have tried to sprinkle the page with 'id' attributes to facilitate linking and styling.

Known problems

The server does not send a 'charset=' parameter in the 'Content-Type' header. Apparently, this can’t be fixed because I’m using some crappy hosting that came free with my dial-up account. As I’m only using ASCII characters, this is not really a problem. However, I have plans to launch a real< 168 /em> site. If I finally get around to it, I’ll move this page to a real hosting service, so that this finally goes away.

The W3C’s CSS Validator complains about Line : 0 Property display doesn't exist for media. I’m told this is a bug in the validator.

There are some Opera bugs visible on this page:

  • The hyphens in the dates at the top of the page tend to have an incorrect vertical placement. (See: bug report 150174).
  • Some of the tooltip-like texts that appear when you hover over <acronym>s are so badly misplaced as to be invisible. (See: bug report 150175).
  • When un-hovering links inside the tables, traces of the outline tend to be left visible on the screen. (See: bug report 147604).
  • At one time, the page needed to be reloaded for all CSS rules to take effect. I don’t know what has changed since then.


Mail me at: PvovotkNOSPAM@tele2.se.

Note: This e-mail adress could change at any time due to spam.

Feedback is appreciated.

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