Mess of Animated Backgrounds:  Grab yourself a heaping mess of animated backgrounds.  Each of them is fancied up in city-slicker style so you can impress your backwoods friends,  your inbred cousins, and Mother.

Light Speed

The Speed You Need

5-Star Rating System

Animated and Non-Animated

Non-Repeating Backgrounds for Web


900 Animations

Seven Different Timings


13 Color Choices

For Light or Dark Backgrounds


Stills in All Colors

Complete Sets

Great for Rollovers

Start with This


Roll to This



Easy Downloads

Single Animations or

Whole Sets Zipped

Transparent to Match Your Background


Available Timings

Still, never blinks

Nonstop blinking

6-second pause

5.5-second pause

5-second pause

4.5-second pause

4-second pause

3-second pause


    Use mixed timings to keep your stars   

from blinking all at once.


Click to View Stars

Black       Magenta       Orange

Red           Green 1           Blue

Purple          Powder

Yellow       Cyan      Green 2

White          Pink




Opera the Browser

Scion of Satan

The banners on display below will NOT WORK with Opera, a miserable browser, a scion of Satan, reviled by experts around the world as a browser with criminal flaws.  Opera -- less than 1% of all browsers -- is broken and everybody knows it except for a handful of wannabe geeks who don't give a hoot about standards designed by the World Wide Web Consortium to bring sanity to the web.

Many webmasters nowadays ban Opera from their websites -- including major commercial sites with impeccable reputations.  Numerous commercial sites refuse to pay money to optimize their pages for Opera, the "browser."

Click on the following links to learn repugnant facts about Opera. 

Sick of Fixing Opera-Specific Problems

Opera's Top-Ten CSS Problems

Opera 9: 34 CSS Bugs

Bugs Enough for Insecticide

Google Services Don't Work with Opera

Bugs Exclusive to Opera

Wells Fargo Blocks Opera


Anyhow, I'm not fixing anything for Opera anymore.



Big Banners

Very Easy to Do

These banners grow and shrink

to fit your words perfectly.



Interesting Animations & Banners

Six Whopping Galleries








Rotating Arrowheads

Animated and Non-Animated

Non-Repeating Backgrounds for Web

Lists & Bullets



Start with This


Roll to this




Lines and Dividers



Cardinal Directions



Click to View

All Four Directions with Each Timing

All 32 Colors with Each Timing





Smaller Versions

Controversial Design

Interesting Graphics

For Tables and Banners

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The Exhibit

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Erase Our Words

Write Your Own

Our Banners Grow and Shrink

To Fit the Words that You Write

Check It Out


Collect Our Complete Set of Banners.


To download the banner, right click and select "save background as."



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Spinning Arrow Animations

Good for Rollovers, Bullets, Lists

We Probably Made the Ones You've Seen Before



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